Welcome to SD60

We are Senate District 60 of the Republican Party on Minnesota. SD60 includes Northeast Minneapolis (Arts District) and part of Southeast Minneapolis (U of M). We stand for the success of you, your family, and our entire community.

We fight for what we believe in, and what we believe in is you. It might be old fashioned to stick to the message of freedom, but it’s something everyone can count on. All of the bureaucrats and all of the government programs in the world are no substitute for the power of the individual. We want lean, responsive government that can help you thrive. We want a government that doesn’t stand in your way.

A balanced budget should be the goal of any elected official. What’s more, balancing the budget should not be done on the backs of taxpayers. The people of Minnesota already live under the 7th highest tax rate in the nation. We think there are more innovative ways to gain revenue than taking your hard-earned money.

Conservatism is appealing because of its simplicity, a simplicity based on common sense. Don’t spend more than you have and treat others the way you want to be treated. Whether we’re talking about lowering property taxes, removing administrative costs for small businesses, advancing equality, or paying down the debt, we’re just moving basic principles forward that we all share.