Supreme Court Hands MN an Opportunity

by Tim Bohl

The traditional June wave of controversial United States Supreme Court decisions is wrapping up, and, while this was an eventful year on several fronts, one decision in particular presents Minnesota with a golden opportunity. The Court's 6-3 ruling in support of the supposed spirit of the Affordable Care Act legislation over the rigidly literal interpretation of the text effectively ensures that the federal healthcare exchange is here to stay.

Whatever your opinion of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, this decision opens the possibility for Minnesota to unload the endlessly expensive boondoggle that is MNSure in favor of the federal exchange system. Admittedly, the federal exchange had a rocky start of its own, but the money necessary to fix those problems has been and will continue to be spent regardless of which path Minnesota lawmakers choose. Forging ahead with a deeply flawed system—and any website that needs to close every night is clearly several steps removed from reality—amounts to nothing more than throwing good money after bad. It's time for Minnesotans to cut their losses and put the MNSure funding to better use; legislators could even use the extra cash for that hypothetical tax relief they agreed upon in the final hours of session.