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Senate District 60 Bylaws
Passed 6-4-12 (download pdf)


The purpose of the Senate District 60 Bylaws is to provide the organization with operating procedures and guidelines. The Bylaws shall define responsibilities of Executive Officers, responsibilities of Delegates and Alternates, descriptions of the Standing Committees, and operating procedures for meetings and conventions. The Bylaws are authorized by the Senate District 60’s Constitution, adopted March 17, 2012. These bylaws may not conflict with either the Senate District 60 Constitution or the Republican Party of Minnesota Constitution.

Article I -- Roles And Responsibilities of Executive Officers

This Article shall define the roles and responsibilities of the elected and appointed members of the Senate District Executive Committee.

Section 1: Senate District Chair:

Senate District 60 Constitution

(Adopted 3-17-2012)
(Amended 2-7-2013) (download pdf)


The Republican Party of Minnesota Senate District 60 welcomes the participation of all citizens of Minnesota Senate District 60 who are concerned with the implementation of honest, efficient, and responsive government. The party believes in the equality of all, as stated in the Declaration of Independence. Therefore, it is the party committed to equal representation and opportunity for all and preservation of the rights of each individual. It is the purpose of this constitution to ensure that the party provides for full participation with equal opportunity for all citizens of Minnesota Senate District 60.

Article I

Organization Name

The name of this organization shall be the Republican Party of Senate District 60 of the State of Minnesota, the basic political organization unit, hereinafter referred to as "the BPOU" or “the Senate District”.

Article II

Purpose & Jurisdiction

Section 1: The purpose and objectives of the Senate District shall be the maintenance and advancement of good government according to the Constitution and laws of the United States and the State of Minnesota through the promotion within Senate District 60 of the purposes and objectives of the National Republican Party and the Republican Party of Minnesota. The purpose of this Constitution and its Bylaws is to establish the authority of the Senate District to conduct and transact business throughout the defined Senate District area. This Constitution’s authority shall take precedence over the Senate District’s Bylaws.

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